Obstetrical Services

  • NO Aspirin, NO Jacuzzi’s, NO Ibuprofen, NO Sushi
  • Do exercise during pregnancy just be careful NOT to do anything where you couldfall or hit your abdomen! We like your target heart rate below 140.
  • Sexual intercourse is OK unless we tell you otherwise!
  • Travel is OK until 35 weeks!
  • DO NOT change cat litter!
  • Always wear your seat belt with the lap belt!
  • NO RAW FISH, however fish is great during pregnancy as long as it is COOKED.
  • Do stay away from fish high in mercury (ex: Shark, Mackerel, albacore tuna)
  • Lunch meats need to be warmed before eating.
  • NO unpasteurized cheese
  • NO alcohol or drugs Caffeine in small amounts is ok
  • Hair dye is OK after 1st trimester.
  • DO take your prenatal vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Over the counter prenatal’s are OK as long as there is 800mcg of folic acid and300mg of omega 3 fatty acids in them.
  • You can buy over the counter Omega 3 fatty acids called Expecta.
  • Recommended reading: “Your Pregnancy and Birth” America College of Obstetricsand Gynecology
  • Ok to get Flu shot anytime during pregnancy, Whooping Cough vaccine is recommended anytime after 2nd trimester or postpartum.
What medications you CAN take during pregnancy…
  • Colds or Flu’s:
    Tylenol for aches and pains, Sudafed for congestion, Robitussin for coughing Chloraseptic / Cepacol lozenges for sore throats.
  • Allergies:
    Benadryl , Claritin (JUST NOT CLARITIN D)
  • Constipation:
    Konsyl Easy Mix for stool softener and natural laxative, Colace if stool is hard like little rocks or Milk of Magnesia AVOID: Stimulant laxatives, Saline Laxatives and Caster Oils
  • Diarrhea:
    Kaopectate, BRAT diet (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Tea or Toast) NOTE: See/call Doctor if you have a fever, not improved in 2-3 days, Weak or Dizzy
  • Nausea and Vomiting:
    Vitamin B6, Ginger, Ginger tea, or Emertrol (over the counter syrup to settle stomach) NOTE: See Doctor if you are unable to keep liquid down for more than a day or if weak and dizzy, dehydrated
  • Heartburn/Gas:
    Mylanta ,Maalox, Tums, Pepcid AC Note: See Doctor if you have bad abdominal pain.
  • Headaches:
    Tylenol (or extra strength) 2 tabs every 4 hours. DO NOT TAKE ASPIRIN or ADVIL Note: See your doctor if you have dizziness or blurred vision.
  • Hemorrhoids:
    Konsyl Easy Mix- daily to keep stool soft, Perparation H , Anusol, or Tuck Pads
  • Nose Bleeds or Gum Bleeds:
    Both are common in pregnancy, see your Doctor if it’s persistent.
  • Leg Cramps (especially if in both legs):
    Calcium and Magnesium- call if you have painful, red, tender areas on legs.
  • Dizziness:
    Is a common symptom of pregnancy often caused by dehydration or blood sugar changes, increase fluids and snacks. If associated with chest pain or shortness of breath call the Doctor immediately.
  • Dentist:
    It is OK to see the dentist, OK have X-rays with an abdominal shield, OK to get Novocain,OK to take some antibiotics and some pain pills, however you should have your Dentist call us to discuss the medications first.